Adult Dance Classes

Adult classes are offered in eight-week sessions. Adult Tap is only $48 for each session, while Adult Intermediate Tap is $60 for eight weeks.

Try Dance in a Short, Seven-Week Session!

Seven weeks of dance for only $67! An affordable, short-term way for your child to try dance!

An Entire School-Year Session = 34 Weeks of Instruction

Tuition for the Entire School-Year Session
45 minutes to 1 hour per week = $262.  That’s about $30 a month for a one hour class!
Two hours per week = $416.  That’s about $46 a month for TWO hours!

* 10% Discount if paid in full at registration and by Sept 2
* One half due at registration by Sept 2, one half due by Nov 4
(After Nov 4, Late Fees will be applied. That’s how these high-quality classes are offered so inexpensively!)

Tuition is pro-rated for individuals who sign up after the school year has commenced.

Please register in person at the Pflugerville Recreation Center (map) or online at Pflugerville’s ActiveNet site (a convenience fee will be applied).