Ann Powell is a great dance instructor. She was my daughter’s first experience with dance, at the tender age of 3. Ann is not only extremely patient with children, but she manages to intertwine technique even with the smallest/amateur of students, and is very creative in her approach to accountability, rewards, games, manners and fun!! She ensures that the children enjoy the experience of dancing, and emphasizes that aspect to take the pressure off. My daughter now knows her right from her left because of Ann’s brilliant approach. Ann takes the time to get to know the kids, where their strengths and opportunities are, and maximizes each child’s talents to build self esteem. In short, I enthusiastically recommend Ann to teach dance to children (or anyone, really). She is the perfect person for this, as she is not only a wonderful dancer and teacher, but has a young spirit and giving nature.
–Lynda Foster

My daughter had the privilege of having Ms. Ann Powell as her ballet and tap teacher this year. Ms. Ann’s approach to teaching is outstanding. She understands children learn in different ways. One example of how she addressed this is by having cards with the name of dance positions written on them, then had the children say the name and then a child would demonstrate the position. Her classes are fun yet very educational, in my opinion, just what children need.
–Cherie Bingo

I personally think this is a critical time in every child’s life and the right teachers are instrumental to their development whether it’s preschool or dance and Ms. Ann has been the most amazing teacher…all of us mothers were VERY pleased.  We had such a horrible experience at another studio, I can compare.

She took great care of our “tiny dancers” and we look forward to next year!
–Lisa Cervetti


I highly recommend Ann Powell (“Ms. Ann”) at the Pflugerville Recreation Center. She has been a very influential figure in my daughter’s life – both as an engaging dance instructor and a loving person. I enrolled my daughter in Ann’s dance class just before her fourth birthday and was a little apprehensive about how she would handle being separated from me, whether her attention span would last the hour, and just generally how the program worked. Ann immediately eased my concerns – she instantly made a connection with my daughter, and she fills every minute with instruction that both teaches technique and encourages FUN! I am so glad that Ann was my daughter’s first introduction to dance because she has instilled a love of the art at such a young, impressionable age.
–Anna-Lee Muck

Ms. Ann has been a wonderful ballet and tap teacher for my daughter.  She has great enthusiasm and really got the girls excited about class.
–Elizabeth Sherry