Dance Classes Suspended until April 13

From the city:

Due to the recent health issues, the more active classes through the Pflugerville Parks & Recreation Dept. have been SUSPENDED until April 13, 2020. Another assessment will be done prior to this date and extended if necessary. Please watch the City website and Social Media sites for future clarification. As always for now, you may also call the Recreation Center at: 512-990-6355 for information.

Thank you


From Ms. Ann:

The other teachers and I are looking into virtual classes, video classes (including some created by exciting guest teachers for our older students!), and a special summer session of make-up classes.  We hope to help you keep your children active and occupied during this trying time!

If recital has to be delayed and/or scaled down to several smaller events, we have plans in place to accommodate that.


Covid 19 and Dance Class

With the covid-19 pandemic upon us, I want to communicate several things with our dance families.


  • We’ve been taking steps to mitigate virus transmission in the dance studio.
  • Please start practicing social distancing right away.
  • If PfISD closes, our dance classes will, too. We will also take into consideration the closures of other educational institutions.
  • We will honor our commitment to our dancers and will make-up any classes that are canceled.
  • Performance fees and recital ticket sales are delayed.


Read on for more details.


First, you may have noticed that the other teachers and I were taking extra care with our studio room and with our planned activities over the last week.  From wiping the barre between classes, and having everyone clean their hands before class, to using activities that increased separation between dancers, we were trying our best to mitigate virus transmission.  The city of Pflugerville also stepped up the sanitation of the rec center in general.  I hope that you feel confident that our classes are a safe environment for your child.


We must all work to help flatten the curve of infections so that our healthcare system is not overwhelmed.  I strongly suggest that everyone begin practicing social distancing right away.  The number of known, confirmed cases is likely far behind the number of actual infections because a) a lack of testing capability in the US is delaying confirmation, b) it can take weeks before an infected person is sick enough to show up in a hospital, and c) the infected person can shed the virus during those weeks, infecting others.


A very informative, interesting and fact-based article:


I am very grateful for the timing of spring break.  Several local educational institutions have extended spring break, and I am watching Pflugerville ISD’s decisions closely.  If PfISD extends spring break or otherwise closes, I will also close.  But because dance is not an essential activity (unlike school), I may choose to close before PfISD announces their decision.


Our dance schedule can absorb one week of closures with no problem at all.  I always build in that week of padding, just in case we have snow days.  If needed, a second week of closures can be easily accommodated by extending the dance year by another week.


If dance remains closed for more than two weeks, we will arrange a special summer session as make-up classes.  And I am investigating offering our older students a series of exciting video dance classes produced by our own staff and teachers from around the country. I assure you that we will fulfill our commitment to our dancers!


Our recital is scheduled for Saturday May 16, with a dress rehearsal on Thursday May 14.  I would usually set up the performance fee and have it due soon, and then have tickets for reserved seats go on sale shortly after the performance fee is due.  I am delaying the performance fee & ticket sales until we know more about the progress of the virus in our area.


Finally, I want to reassure all our wonderful dance families that our dance program will still be here when the dust settles!  I know that the covid-19 virus has had a very negative effect on dance studios all over the nation – from a lack of performance costumes this year (made in China), to some studios facing several weeks of closure.  Some dance studios are, sadly, permanently closing.  But because of the way our program is structured, I feel confident that our program will withstand the impact of the infection.


Thank you all for your support!  And please stay safe during the next few crucial weeks.



Important: Possible change to rehearsal date!

Greetings, dance families! Thank you for taking the time to read about this proposed change to the rehearsal date.

We’ve had a large number of dancers inform us that they will be unable to attend rehearsal on the evening of Thursday, May 16. In addition, we were recently informed that Connally’s auditorium is now available on Friday evening (May 17, the date we had originally tried to book for rehearsal).

We are considering switching the rehearsal for recital to the evening of Friday, May 17 (instead of Thursday, May 16). This will not only accommodate the large number of people who have Thursday preschool graduation, but will also allow our dancers to have their rehearsal closer to the time of the performance.

Please let us know as soon as possible if your dancer(s) is UNABLE to attend rehearsal on the evening of Friday, May 17.

Thanks for your understanding as we try to accommodate the greatest possible number of dancers.

Correction about Summer Camp Registration

Registration for our Jump Rope, Moana and Princess camps begins Monday April 1, online or in-person.

Details about our Advanced Dance Camp coming soon!

Dates for the camps:

June 10 – 14, Jump Rope Camp

June 24 – 28, Princess Camp

July 8 – 12, Camp Moana

July 29 – Aug 2, Intermediate/Advanced Dance Camp


Dance Camp Registration Starts Saturday

Registration for summer Dance Camps starts Saturday March 30!  Register soon to assure your place – these camps sell out, sometimes very quickly.

June 10 – 14. Jump Rope & Classic Games.  Ages 6 – 9.  Come jump in!  Learn individual, long rope and Double Dutch skills, play four square and other active games, and explore the intricacies of string figures.  Campers get to keep a jump rope and some fun crafts.  Campers wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes.  Bring a water bottle and lunch.

Camp time: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


June 24 – 28.  Princess Camp.  Ages 4 – 6.  Royalty reigns!  Crafts, movement, music and make-believe in a regal three and a half hour camp.  Campers wear stretch clothing, ballet & tap shoes.  Bring a water bottle and lunch.

Camp time: 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


July 8 – 12. Camp Moana.  Ages 4 – 6.  Aloha! Dance (hula, ballet, and tap), crafts, music and make-believe in a tropical three and a half hour camp.  Campers wear stretch clothing, ballet & tap shoes.  Bring a water bottle and lunch.

Camp time: 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Camps are $115, with a $15 discount for second camp.

Recital and Rehearsal Dates

Just a reminder about our upcoming important dates.


Our Dress Rehearsal will be Thursday May 16, 2019, after school hours.  We’ll go basically in age order, youngest first.


Recital will be Saturday May 18, 2019.  We’ll have two shows, 10:00 am, and 11:30 am.   Most classes will be in one show, with our Level III and Level IV classes performing in both shows.

More details coming soon!


Family Observation Week

This week, December 17 to 20, our dance families are invited to sit in on your child’s class.  Are your parents or in-laws in town for the holidays?  Have them come and watch your dancer’s class.  They’ll enjoy it, and your dancer will enjoy it, too.


Ms. Kat’s Tues & Wed Dance Classes Canceled This Week

The following classes are canceled for this week:

Tuesday 3:45 Level III

Tuesday 6:00 Level II

Wednesday 3:45 Level IV

Wednesday 5:30 Level I

Ms. Kat is out of state to be with her grandfather who is about to undergo heart valve transplant surgery.  Ms. Ann can’t substitute for Ms. Kat because she fell (and another dancer fell on top of her) and is injured.  Ms. Mary is recently deceased.  Ms. Ryia is not available.  And those lovely guest teachers we had over summer who were all majoring in dance…   they all have finals this week.

Fortunately, our school year session of dance classes has a built-in extra week – we usually use it to make up for bad weather days.  For the Wednesday classes that had class canceled last week due to the National Day of Mourning, we will do a make-up class in the spring, probably on a Saturday afternoon.

Life has been rather intense lately.  Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and continued support.