Ending Dance Program thru Pflugerville Recreation Center

I no longer anticipate being able to return to offering dance instruction at the current Pflugerville Recreation Center location, even after the pandemic is over.

The room where most of our classes were held has been remodeled and is no longer suitable for dance instruction or children’s classes.  The other spaces that the rec center management offered for our dance program don’t have a dance floor, mirrors or barres.

I’m faced with the dilemma of either lowering the quality of my program, or ending it.

Pflugerville is growing, a larger rec center facility is needed, and I’m sure initial planning has begun.  And when those plans come to fruition, I hope to regrow a welcoming, supportive dance community like what our dance families, the other teachers and I lovingly cultivated over the last ten years.

If you want guidance on selecting another local dance program, please contact me – I am happy to help, if I can. Nothing would please me more than to know that our students continued dancing, now or in the future.

If you have questions about this situation, please contact me and I will try to answer them.

I feel so very fortunate to have had this lovely experience!  I’m one of the lucky few who got to make a living at what they love doing.

I’m grateful to the management and staff of the rec center for the opportunities and support they offered over the years.  I appreciate all the parents and caregivers for sharing a piece of your children’s lives with me.  Thank you to the parents and siblings who helped with classes, costumes, and recitals – the shows couldn’t have gone on without you.

And most of all, I’m grateful for all our dancers, just for being their own beautiful selves and for letting me watch them grow!

With love and gratitude,

Ms. Ann

Ann M. Powell

Carnival of the Arts

[email protected]