Questions about Classes

Is there a registration fee?

No. Carnival of the Arts classes at the Pflugerville Recreation Center do not have a registration fee.

Where can I get shoes or dancewear?

Ms. Ann sells Revolution Dancewear shoes and dancewear. You can look at the selection at These products are good quality, and the prices are lower than similar products from other retailers. Footed tights are $7.50 (including shipping and tax), convertible tights are $11.90. Full-sole leather ballet shoes are $15.15 and canvas ballet shoes are $16.25. We have samples of the shoes (to try on) and samples of the tights (to see the color and quality). Tap shoes are also available – if there is interest, I will get the samples to try on.

You can purchase online. Discount Dance,, is a reliable supplier; I’ve bought from them for years. Give them this code for 10% off your first order: TP44234

There are several local dance supply shops. Dorothy’s Dance Shop is probably closest to the rec center, in Round Rock at 2000 South IH 35 #N3. The Capezio Store is on Balcones Woods Drive, just west of Hwy 183. Movin’ Easy is at 404 West 30th, near Guadalupe. There are other local dancewear shops, too.

You can try your luck at local large retailers. Tights and leotards are often available at Target, Walmart and department stores. Sometimes they also carry ballet and tap shoes. Be careful of the quality – some “ballet slippers” are really just house shoes, not dance shoes, and some tap shoes have thin, tinny taps.

Children’s resale shops and thrift stores are a good option. You can often find good quality, very inexpensive dance shoes at resale and thrift stores.

We aren’t registered yet. Can my child try a class?

Yes. Please feel free to come try an age-appropriate class.

What is the shoe exchange program?

Children grow fast! And tap shoes often receive relatively little wear before being outgrown. The Pflugerville Recreation Center has a collection of donated tap shoes (and fewer pairs of ballet shoes), and you are welcome to trade your dancer’s shoes for a bigger size (if available), as they outgrow them. This is a great resource for parents, and I’d like to encourage you to donate your dancer’s outgrown shoes, even if we can’t fit their new size, so that young dancers and their families continue to benefit.

Can my child make up a class?

Of course! We encourage you to make up for an absence by attending another class that is age and skill level appropriate.

The schedule of classes for my child’s age doesn’t work for us. Can I put her in a different class?

Yes. Please look into the classes that are a bit younger than your child. Often, one child that is older than the rest of the class can easily be given somewhat more advanced skills to practice for parts of class. On the other hand, children that are too young for the class often experience frustration (because the skills are too advanced) and boredom (because there aren’t as many fun activities).

Also, if we have an opening on the schedule, and you have some friends, we can create a class. It takes a minimum of three students to have a class made, but four or more is better for class synergy.

The schedule shows an age range. Is that for the whole year?

The ages shown on the schedule are as of September 1 of each year, and we expect some students to have birthdays during the school year session. For example, a class that is listed as ages 4 to 5 may have some children turning six over the course of the year.