Homeschool Class Now Open

The homeschool class is now open for registration. The class will be held on Wednesdays at 1pm, ages 5 to 8, $247 for 34 weeks of instruction.

If you are interested in this class and are already registered in another class, please do go ahead and get your dancer(s) transferred to the homeschool class. You can do this by calling the rec center at (512) 990-6350, or in person.

Transferring now will do two things. First, it will assure your place in the new homeschool class. We are not announcing this class to the public for another few days, to give our current students priority. We have received quite a few inquiries about this class, so I expect it to grow quickly.

And second, doing the transfer now will open up a spot in the class that you transfer out of. Many of our classes are full or nearly so, and still growing. Please allow another student to sign up for the class you are leaving.

If you want to post to homeschool or parenting groups about the new class, please wait until Monday, to give current and former students a chance to get in there first.

Thank you all for telling others about our dance program at the Pflugerville Recreation Center! I’ve been hearing several times each week about “A friend told me about these classes, and I’m so glad!” I really appreciate it.