Make-up Classes on Saturday Afternoons

No, it’s not a chance to learn make-up techniques, although I have had students show up carrying their bag of make-up, ha ha.  But it IS a chance to make-up for classes that were cancelled due to inclement weather or the fumes from the floors getting refinished.

Students attending Tuesdays 3:30 and Thursdays 4:30 (dancing to “Ma Belle Evangeline”) are asked to attend Saturday April 26 at 2:15.  Since two classes are combining for the recital,  and since the final pose is complex, I really want to encourage everyone to attend.  They need to learn to work together for their final position.

Students attending Thursdays at 5:30 (“Let’s Go Fly a Kite”) are scheduled for Saturday April 26 at 3:15.

The make-up class for students attending Tuesday at 4:30 and dancing to “When You Wish Upon a Star” will be Saturday May 3 at 2:15.

Those dancing to “Bippity Boppity Babble”, Tuesday 6:00 and Thursday 2:00, can come to a make-up class on Saturday May 3 at 3:15.

The students attending Tuesday 5:15 and dancing to “Shiver My Timbers” are scheduled for Saturday May 10 at 2:15.

And the make-up class for dancers from the Thursday at 3:30 class, performing in “I See the Light” will be held May 10  at 3:15.

I hope to see everyone there!