Ms. Kat is safe.

Thank you, everyone, for all your texts, calls and emails expressing your concern for Ms. Kat’s safety in France.

Ms. Kat is safe. She lives about 200 miles from Paris. She is staying at her house for now, and has cancelled weekend plans.

One of her au pair friends lives in Paris and could hear gunshots every so often. It turns out that hostages were being killed one by one.

Once in a while, Ms. Kat stays in Paris, in district 7. It seems that most of the violence was in district 10, which is sort of across the city, opposite from district 7. And she’s not a a fan of metal rock, or soccer, so she wouldn’t have been at the concert or the soccer match. So, even if she had been in Paris, she would have been OK.

She misses home, and appreciates all your well wishes. And so do I.