Ms. Kat’s Tues & Wed Dance Classes Canceled This Week

The following classes are canceled for this week:

Tuesday 3:45 Level III

Tuesday 6:00 Level II

Wednesday 3:45 Level IV

Wednesday 5:30 Level I

Ms. Kat is out of state to be with her grandfather who is about to undergo heart valve transplant surgery.  Ms. Ann can’t substitute for Ms. Kat because she fell (and another dancer fell on top of her) and is injured.  Ms. Mary is recently deceased.  Ms. Ryia is not available.  And those lovely guest teachers we had over summer who were all majoring in dance…   they all have finals this week.

Fortunately, our school year session of dance classes has a built-in extra week – we usually use it to make up for bad weather days.  For the Wednesday classes that had class canceled last week due to the National Day of Mourning, we will do a make-up class in the spring, probably on a Saturday afternoon.

Life has been rather intense lately.  Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and continued support.