Recital 2014

Our recital this year will be held on Saturday May 17, at the Manor High School Performing Arts Center.  Dress Rehearsal starts promptly at 9:45 am.  The show begins at 11:30 am, and will last approximately 30 minutes.  Flash photography is not allowed during the show.

Please have dancers ready to go on time, in costume, hair and make-up, and with a cover-up.  A man’s short sleeve, button down shirt makes a very good cover-up, since it protects the entire costume and does not have to come off over the face & hair.

If your dancer is wearing a tutu or poofy skirt, it is best to put that on after you arrive, so it doesn’t get smashed in the car.

Dress rehearsal will be followed by a short break – enough for a quick, clean snack like grapes, and a trip to the potty, if needed.

We will need volunteers for recital.  Each class will need two stage moms (other caregivers also welcome!), one on each side of the stage, to help with stage entrances and exits, and to sit with the dancers back stage before and after their dance.  We also need help with the program, backstage costume supervision, set-up before dress rehearsal and clean-up after the show.

If you would like to help out in any of these ways, please sign up.  A successful show – and positive stage experience for our performers – requires the efforts of many people, and we really appreciate your assistance!

The address for Manor High School is 12700 Gregg Manor, Manor Texas 78653.  The Performing Arts Center is the tallest part of the school.

We do have class the week after recital.  Dancers wear their costumes, and we have class portraits done.  Individual portraits will also be available.  Then dancers change into regular dancewear to return the costumes.  Bring a camera – there will be fun, photo-worthy activities.