Recital is May 19. Attendance is Very Important.

Our recital is only  weeks away.  Attendance in class at this time is very important.  I want to encourage everyone to attend regularly.

Recital will be held the morning of May 19 at Connally High School.  Dress rehearsal will start at about 8:00 for some of us, and continue until about 11:00.  Then there is a half hour or so break with the curtains closed – a great time to see if your dancer needs to use the restroom.

Then our show begins at 11:30, has a 10 minute intermission, and will be done about 12:45.  Then, if your family is anything like mine, it’s time for a celebratory lunch at a favorite restaurant.

Again, everyone please attend class regularly so our dancers feel well-prepared for recital.