We need your recital video

Dear Students and Parents,

You have all been wonderful to be flexible and handle the many reverses we were thrown surrounding recital. I’ve had feedback from so many of you that you really enjoyed the do-it-yourself photos on our last day of class. I thought it turned out well, too.

Unfortunately, I had one more reverse yesterday when the teacher of the students at Manor High School who did the video recording for the recital informed me that the majority of the recital footage has been lost.

They are willing to still put a video together for us but it will require more of a group effort. Please contact Rakeda Ervin at 818-590-0270 or [email protected] by June 20 to arrange to send her any video footage you may have taken from recital, either dress rehearsal or the actual performance. She assures me that the students will be able to string parts of different footage all together to make a streamlined video for us.

My deepest appreciation for your understanding and cooperation in making lemonade from the lemons in this situation.

Ms. Ann